Eugenia Yu received her BFA in Fashion Design at Parsons The New School in 2006, before entering the study of Architecture at The Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. She has worked in fashion houses, textile studios, artist studios, and architecture firms in New York and Japan, each with its own intricacy of creative production. Upon completing her Masters in Architecture in 2013, she continues to search for the questions in her work—through the practice of Architecture, and elsewhere.

M.Arch Thesis Introduction

Making space is a pursuit of the mind. It involves recollection, translation, anticipation, recognition, and invention—the same things that gather marks on a page, on film, on canvas, or in a building. It is apt to think of Architectural space as something we walk through: it is true. Physically, our bodies enter and simultaneously we are inside, and then at some point, we leave. And what I like about this is its simplicity, of coming into and going out of. Yes, this too is space.

This thesis is a story about making space, in all its amorphous and unconscious forms. Walking into a space does not require walls as much as it requires slowness.

When there is slowness, there is language. Or else a comprehension of something other that exists beyond our pupils: an interior. Language gathers through several openings. If we do not speak the same with words, then likely with images, and surely with our bodies. As Robert Morris writes, if all we ever do is move our bodies, our current motions and their effects resonate to a past that is compelling as it is irrecoverable. By moving through language in all these forms, I am certain to find a space—one that contains the past and informs the present.