Portico.   [def.] an entrance,  doorway.

I made Portico at the end of my first year at Parsons. It describes process. Which is what the year had been about. Constantly going from one place to another, one idea to another. It is an unavoidable thing, like time. You are always traveling somewhere. Even if you are not doing anything at all, you are thinking something. Which is also traveling.

It’s so simultaneous that it’s overlooked. What if there was a physical marker to show us each time we’ve traveled? Like a doorway.  There would be too many doorways all at once that it would be more like a tunnel eventually.
But let’s stop for a second each time there is one.


First there is flesh. Me.
Then there is my interaction with the world. A spoon.
I do things and think things. Each time there is a doorframe here.
And even when I am just remembering those things and thoughts, there it is: a  portico.

There are the tunnel porticos like reading a book.  The Seikan.
A single door is answering the phone.  A math problem.
a little window is hiccupping. 
 stopping- a mouse hole.
And what complex structures we are building just thinking of these!

Imagine walking through doors with invisible porticos flashing around you. A vertical halo.
Thank goodness this is just a thought. Or just a portico.

May 2003. [22 pages]