Mexico City Editorial: storyboard. 02.05 // click on thumbnail to enlarge.  

When i visited Mexico City, there were two scenes playing. Outside there were colors like a pinata. And music and noise. Tiny tacos. And inside the church it was quiet. And grays and white.

The editorial describes contrast.

The model is photographed in a position that could be transposed on both of two scenarios, which line the top margin. One is of the streets of Mexico City and the other of the Church. The model is on a white background because all that is important are the details of the clothes and their relationship to the concept-their ability to exist in two contradicting scenarios.

To steal attention, the photographer uses the pose of the model. And the more awkward, the more effective. Perhaps she is lying on thin air. And juxtaposed in the scenario she could be lying in a field or being baptized in holy water. And both strangely make sense.