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examples of professional learning goals for teachers

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It's not enough, thought Qwan. I can't seal the hemisphere. I need more from Abbot.

N°l took a step to the right, squinting past the glare of the giant mass damper. Minerva was on her way down. Taking small careful steps towards the reserved table. Behind her, Kong leaned forward in his seat, toes tapping with excitement and anticipation. He was like a dog on a leash with the scent of a fox in his nose.

The shuttle reeled in the grippers and peeled away from the crater wall. In seconds they breached the mouth like a bullet from a gun. The vibration was enough to rattle teeth for the first few seconds, then the stabilization fins snicked out the side and calmed the ride down. 366

'No, this is not a small snowstorm. This is white-out. Someone was blocking our Scopes.'

Once the fires were under control, Minerva called a staff meeting on the patio. Juan Soto, the security chief, her father, Gaspard, and of course Billy Kong, were in atten-dance. Mister Kong seemed more agitated than usual.

'You never know what that tunnel will do to you,' he explained. 'I lost half a finger last time. It was my favourite finger too.'

The soldier paused, catching his breath. He realized suddenly that he'd better communicate the bigness of what had happened on the mountain, or else Abbot was liable to behead him for interrupting the meeting.

A voice drifted over the tank. 'Beau? Where are you?'


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