[M.Arch Thesis 2013]

Manette [my marionette]

manette's skin, garment - poly organdy and fusible interfacing [15x50in]
manette's frame, wooden structure - wood, muslin, wood glue, cotton yarn [15x48in]
the ear of the tempo, film animation [9:46 min]


On Manette:
Manette is a marionette in two parts; skin and frame. The garment is made of sheer organdy fabric and small pieces of fused interfacing in the shapes from the carrier woodblock prints. The frame is made of wood reed, wound into disks and joined into a torso, two arms, and two legs. Each segment is wrapped with muslin, and pre-soaked in wood glue for agility. Yarn is wrapped around the structure for softness. The segments are joined by lines of crochet at the joints. The garment goes over the frame (or the frame goes into the garment). Strings extending from a crossbar control movement at the waist, ankles, and hands. Manette is held high behind a paper screen with a bright light on one side, and a video-camera on the other. This moving image and sound is the film the ear of the tempo.
On the ear of the tempo:
The film called the ear of the tempo is of the shadow of Manette, my marionette, dancing on a paper screen. Afterwards, I find the sounds to accompany these rhythms.

Before making this film, I made the name of the film, and tried to find its meaning. This is what I wrote:

May 19th is the ear of the tempo

beat of drum

tempo of the streets

of your heart

the metronome on the piano that the hand does not follow

the time before the crash, before the storm

before the birth

tempo is the setting up of the stage

the chairs in a cafe one by one

a slouching body across a bench

the sun beating on his face

the tempo, the tempo

the periods, commas, spaces

one eye shut, one eye open

the heat, the heat

the sweep, the sweep

the tempo is one and many

a mark

the teeth of a saw

wind slamming a door

a howl

air escaping a tire

a balloon rising

a plane falling

a mountain rising

the river rolling

the family eating

the man walking

the girl reading

my incents burning

the tomb sweeping

the words chiming, coughing, crying

she was born in the ear of the tempo

the tempo knows, it hears

because of this it grows

again and again it fills with air

and exhales

quick, quick, slow

quick, quick, slow.

the tempo can't be without a background, a setting scene.

The tempo lies on top like notes on a staff

fingers rapping on the tree

rubber soles on asphalt, no traffic

there is the same structure in a sentence, as in a moving scene

or a still photo

I am floating, in the water, on my back, in the tub, on the porch

we are always unfolding

everyday, every second like a river we make

to carve out the mountain, to sit, to think

to be alive, to be human

architecture is the structure that shelters the tempo

we are the ear of the tempo

the ear of the tempo is dressed in rags
the ear of the tempo eats dried plums
the ear of the tempo watches the birds
the ear of the tempo sits under a tree

the ear of the tempo drives a sedan
the ear of the tempo watches tv
the ear of the tempo drinks from a flask
the ear of the tempo sleeps in a bed

the ear of the tempo pets the grass
the ear of the tempo kneads the dough
the ear of the tempo pours the glass
the ear of the tempo prints the time

the ear of the tempo plays the table
the ear of the tempo cuts the paper
the ear of the tempo mixes the plate
the ear of the tempo divides the stars

the ear of the tempo grows on a hill
the ear of the tempo carries a wind
the ear of the tempo lives in a jar
the ear of the tempo--