[RISD Spring 2011- ARCH2102]

Architectural Design
Part 1. Independent investigation and development of Front St Site.
Part 2. Study and proposal of Front St Site [as a group of 4 students].
Part 3. Site is moved to 333 Roosevelt - new investigation of site - proposal of community garden and pavillion [as a group of 12 students].
Part 4. Redesign and proposal of final plan to Pawtucket board and community [as a studio of 70 students].
Part 5. 70 first year Architecture students build Blossom-Community garden and Pavilion.

Part 1. Independent investigation and development of Front St: as a site affected by currents of force.

Force and Edge Material

Eugenia Yu

The project began with the slashing of Bristol with an exacto blade. My hand cut repeated strokes over a concentrated area, until at some point, both in time and position, the paper tore at the moments of force. The moments remained as record, by its form.

Drawing the force transferred the measurement to lead. The sequence of line became thicker as the lead wore and its motion varying by time and the pressure of my hand. Both moments described the choreography of time, material, and human force.

The repercussion of force extends on and on, beyond the edge of the material. Each layer of paper is reliant on the one above or below it.

The paper is folded in 8 rows and cut repeatedly over the same 6 areas- one minute, two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, five minutes, and six mintues. Then unfolded.

1, 10, 37, 66, 78, and 97 lines, drawn continuously back and forth, in one minute intervals each. The more lines compacted into one minute, the greater the physical force on my body. The force of the lead on paper is variable and determinable, there is some ratio in physical exertion.

The next four drawings include the measure of physical force, and also the force onto one area. The number of lines drawn within one minute down the page, equals the number of lines drawn overlapping each other on the bottom of the page. The surface area of a space cushions force. Or the containment of force causes vertical action, into the paper. The paper and the surface below it fight this force, and cause my hand to make a trace of physical exertion, concentrated at the corners of the dark line.

48 lines

120 lines

208 lines

500 lines

The next two drawings are each 6 minutes long, carrying the same momentum and stroke. The first using a hard lead, the second using a soft lead. The material change pushes the line further down the page. The scale change is a conscious force, in order to make room for the visibility of each line. This force is human scale.

6 minutes - H pencil

6 minutes - 4B pencil

Cut paper - representational drawings of dimension change.

Proposal study models for Front St site, regarding forces in tectonics, plan, elevation, and program.

Leaning tectonic - the structure is free standing, supported by forces, by beveled edges.

Lean tectonic - composable bench

plug in model for Front St site proposal at 32 scale.

Proposal of planting beds, irrigation, storage systems, greenhouse, bike bath, community pavilion, farmers market, restrooms, and open ground.

Plan and section of proposal - sections drawn from plan

close up images of above, plans and sections