[March.2009 to May.2008]

Title: Super100 Aeroplane
Medium: Super100 Wool, fabric, batting, polycarbonate
Dimensions: 5L x 4W x 3H ft

The Super100 Aeroplane is a vehicle made of Super100 wool -a high quality men's suiting fabric. It can be set in motion like a flying paper airplane - one that unfailingly returns to its origin to once again be propelled forward. There are welt pockets designed into the Super100 Aeroplane -to carry supplies for the journey. Straps -to transport the vehicle, in the ease of a backpack. The fabric vehicle becomes a proverbial object, just as leaving the house with an umbrella: at any moment prepared to explore a brave new world.

On the identity of the Super100 Aeroplane:

"I imagine it in the moment before the physical voyage, when the explorer readies the craft. But it is not the start of the voyage, instead implies a multitude of events that could have been the start: the need for discovery, the instinct of adventure, the design of the craft, or this moment before taking flight. It is simultaneously the blueprint, the fuel, and the mechanism."